Visendo popConnect 10 for dummies

We have recently received a request from one of our friends from Facebook to write a step-by-step tutorial about installing and using Visendo popConnect for "dummies". [Mehr]


Windows 7 security pros and cons: an overview

A short overview: - plus: Windows firewall improved: blocking outbound traffic mechanism improved - plus: ASLR and DEP improved- plus: IE8 imporved security issues: e.g SmartScreen - anti=pishing and anti-malware url filtering toolfiltering - plus: BitLocker to include removable drives - minus: ... [Mehr]


Why is everybody moving to windows 7

A recent article from shows that Windows 7 is finally given green light from the IT. Companies are planning to move on to Windows 7 by 2014 and almost all interviewed IT directors look thrilled. There are many reasons that support this movement: applications compatibility, better... [Mehr]