popConnect 10 action: download, test, give us feedback and win a free Community Edition

Popconnect 10 is our latest POP3 Connector tool. We can proudly say that it is among the most secure and performant in the world.
Since we are about to release its stable comercial version, we are launching this call to action.
So, what is it all about?

1. Download popconnect 10  beta trial version:
2. Test it for one or 2 weeks
3. Give us a comprehensive feedback: was this version performant, was the documentation useful, was popConnect easy to use, was the spam tool efficient enough etc etc

Sure, the best feedbacks (and not only) will win a free Community Edition (with free updates for one year and free support - no matter the troubles you are in - for 2 years).

So: ready, steady, go!

What is popConnect 10 and what is a pop connector? - find out more: http://www.visendo.com/VisendoProductDetail.aspx?id=50

By following the links, you can find further information: case studies, faq sheets and, finally, the trial version. Feel free to download the FAQs about popConnect 10: popConnect_FAQ_en.pdf (67.23 kb)

If you already know al these things about POP Connectors, got to our Downloads Pages and simply click on popConnect 10 trial version.

Find out more here!

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