Overview of the Visendo Mail Checker Server 2006 SPAM filters

MCS  2006 spam filter is made up of several individual components that each performs a specific role in detecting and preventing spam from reaching mailboxes.

MCS 2006 default filters:

  • Connection Filter
  • Content Filter
  • Sender Id
  • Sender Filter
  • Recipient Filter
  • Protocol Analysis

Now, let’s talk a little about what each filter means.

Connection Filter

The Connection Filter Agent is responsible for assessing incoming email based on its connection characteristics, such as the sender’s IP address.  The Connection Filter is configured with IP block lists and IP allow lists.

Connection filtering is the most effective way of stopping spam from botnets and insecure email servers..

Content Filter

When an email message has passed the Connection Filter Agent it is checked by the Content Filter Agent for known spam content, using heuristic scanning and a database of known spam patterns.

The Content Filter Agent can also be manually configured to block certain words or phrases, or to exempt certain email addresses from content filtering.

The Content Filter Agent has three actions it can take on incoming email that has been detected as spam – delete (silently drop), reject (notify sender), or quarantine.

Sender Id

Sender Id is an email authentication protocol that aims to prevent spoofing and phishing by verifying that a sender is authorized to send for that domain name. 

The Sender Id Agent has three actions it can take on incoming email that fails validation – delete, reject, or stamp and continue.

Sender Filter

The Sender Filter Agent simply allows the administrator to specify a list of sender email address to block. 

Recipient Filter

The Recipient Filter Agent can be used to block incoming emails sent to certain recipients;

Protocol Analysis

This feature combines its own assessment and testing of a sender along with IP reputation information to determine whether a particular sender should be blocked or treated with suspicion.

These filters can be manually configured, depending on one’s expectations, so that the best results are obtained.

In short, Visendo Mail Security package:

- provides overview of operational security principles for Antispam  Enterprise as technology

- identifies ways to improve messaging security in our daily work environment
- achieves messaging security at multiple layers
- offers a holistic approach to messaging security

Find out more and download a free trial on the Visendo web site.

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