Visendo Fax and Email Suite Integration with SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010

We are finally ready to state that Visendo Fax Server can be easily integrated with SharePoint 2010 and Office 2010. The same for Visendo Email Suite. It depends on our "customer needs", of course - this sounds like a clichee, but that's what i have been finding out lately: clichees are most of the time true.

Let me give you a brief overview and i will ask you then to read the rest of it from in our Whitepaper on SharePoint and Office 2010 Integration.

So, it is about both Server Side Integration and Client Side Integration: SharePoint 2010, Exchange 2010 UM and Outlook. Of course, i will tel you something about TiFF iFilter. But this is an add-on to SharePoint Integration - it is mainly for Document Search within a SharePoint Documents Library.

So the main idea is how to integrate your Fax Server and Email AntiSpam Tool so that: you can send your Faxes directly into the Documents Library on SharePoint 2010, search for them if you need to find them at some point in the future and take care of the SPAM, HAM and Pishing "Cybercriminals". So read more in our WhitePaper - "Visendo Fax and Email Suite integration with Office 2010".

Here's the document about what TiFF iFilter means.

Moreover, feel free to browse our website and downloads area an try the features described in the Whitepaper for yourself. You could win some interesting prizes.


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