Visendo popConnect 10 for dummies

We have recently received a request from one of our friends from Facebook to write a step-by-step tutorial about installing and using Visendo popConnect for "dummies".
So, what i basically did was to install popConnect 10 on a virgin virtual machine.
So, by taking into account the requirements, i needed the following software/hardware preinstalled:

- Windows server 2008 (R2)
- Windows 7
- MSXML Parser 6 - i installed it from here.


The virtual machine, i downloaded and installed VirtualBox and then the image for Windows Server 2008 from here. It went straightforward.

I downloaded the x86 version of popConnect 10 from the downloads area of the Visendo website and started the wizard. I went for the typical installation which ended up in not more than 1 minute. That was straight forward as well.
What i found to be a little more complicated for a beginner was the configuration which was almost similar to that at popConnect 6; you can check it here:


Bear in mind that you can set up multiple accounts from the same domain - that is receive emails from multiple accounts from your own domain; don't forget to set-up you account type: POP3, IMAP, SPOP3, SIMAP; i went for the typical POP3; of course, this depends on your needs.

The interface is simpler and more professional than that of popConnect 6 and, from my point of view, popConnect 10 is way faster at receiving the emails.
It took me roughly 1 hour to test all the capabilities but it was worth it. I had no headaches and the product is straight and easy to install and use.
I tested popConnect 10 for 3 email addresses from a single domain and i can say that there are no complaints. Not to mention that the price is way lower
than that of MS Exchange.


So i was fully satisfied with it (from my point of view - end user). Try it as well and give me you opinion.


So, let me remind you, in short what Visendo popConnect does: 

- popConnect downloads all messages from multiple accounts 

- forwards them to your Exchange or any other SMTP server.

- it also supports downloading of RSS Feeds and delivers them as email messages to the specified accounts.

- user-friendly configuration panel is integrated  to minimize the administration time

Find out more about popConnect 10!


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