Integrating SharePoint 2010 with Visendo Fax Server

SharePoint 2010 seems a great step forward in document and media sharing, especially for companies. It fits perfectly in the WEB 2.0 environment (features like social media integration, document "crowds" editing, media "crowds" editing etc). For a company that is dependent on a faxing, it is more than necessary to find a way to integrate its fax server solution with SharePoint. Moreover, there are a few features that such an "integration" should follow.  Here's a list with a couple of these capabilities:

  • Supports full text searches of received faxes while maintaining the original image and format
  • Manages document routing without software programming.
  • Maintains a history of fax deliveries within SharePoint and with each document faxed.
  • Supports copying fax image content into other applications.
  • Lets IT personnel or delegated Site Collection/Site administrators determine which document libraries allow faxing and which don’t

From here, the fax server should be able to be fully integrated with WEB 2.0 Capabilities.

Read the full story in this whitepaper:  Enterprise Fax Servers Solutions Integrations: SharePoint case

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