What are the real benefits of integrating a Fax Server with Exchange 2010

Creating an Unified Fax and Email Solution with Visendo Fax Server, and Microsoft Exchange Server and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 UM is a simple process that will bring multiple benefits to your organization: easiness to use, reliability, security and automatic back-up .

But what are the real advantages of integrating your fax server with Exchange 2010? What does all of the above really mean?

Let's make, first, a list of the main features that Exchange 2010 UM has brought to the market:
- Legal Hold Characteristics – copies of all emails are saved on the server, although these emails are deleted by the users
- Multi Mailbox and Multiple Keywords Search - specific users are allowed to search in multiple email inboxes and perform parallel search of different tokens and expressions
- Database Availability Groups and Database Level Failover – multiple servers save copies of individual databases. In case of disaster, Exchange 2010 can automatically recover them. Failure of a single database will not affect the other databases on the server.
- Automatic Voice Email Transcription
- Priority rules for call answering – important calls can be forwarded to cell phones while unimportant calls can go straight to the voice mail
- Personal Archive and Retention Policies
- Role base access/delegation Control - administrators can perform delegation based on the role that the delegate will be performing.

As we can all see, Exchange 2010 is all about better communications within an environment by taking into account all the legal hold characteristics. Hence, any fax server should ensure a better communication within the platform. This should be the main benefit.
From our point of view, breaking down this into MECE pieces, this means:
- Minimizing resources: paper, man-hour, hardware, software
- Cost optimizations
- Environment support Full flexibility in fax document management: document tagging, document archiving.
- Document sharing, document search Fast and easy application deployment HIPAA and Regulations Compliance

Can you tell us your oppinion about this? Read further about Exchange 2010 integration in this Whitepaper and visit our webpage about Exchange 2010 integration here.

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