Visendo Software Cumulative update release to web


We just release to web some cumulative updates for Visendo Fax@Mail 2010 , Visendo popConnect 2010 , some summary of fixes, feature improvements :

  • pop3 & smtp transmission improvements
  • SFF files conversion improvements and fixes
  • advanced logging and email notification system fixes
  • multi ISDN lines validation for signaling protocols
  • Database Backend extended support and fixes for Access x64, MySQL
  • SharePoint integration improvements
  • fax & email archiving maintenance plans

for more details check the version history threads on our Support Forum  for all products.

fax@mail10 history -

popconnect 10 history -

Fax Server history -

Smtp extender  history  -

Mail Checker Server history -

be sure that you have the tools up 2 date to prevent functionality issues.

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